It all starts with you

When we think about ‘Relationships’ most often we consider those that we have with another person…
In a partnership – both personal and professional,
In a family – as a parent or child, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, cousin, grandparent or great grandparent,
How often do we take a closer look at the root of all relationships… the one that we have with ourselves?

Growing up we experience the influence and impact of many external events.
Throw away comments made by our parents, siblings, friends, and teachers.
Unkind words said by those who know us and those who don’t even know our names.
People and places that leave us feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in our own skin.
Familiar experiences creating safety and security…

Together these things that happen to us and that we make meaning from begin to design the relationship we have with ourselves.

When you look into the mirror,
Who do you see?

A confident, self-assured adult version of you ready to take on the world and all that life throws at you?
A small, frightened child stuck in a place from years gone by afraid to leave as the unknown is far scarier that the painful, restrictive, destructive life they know…
Or someone in between?

It is from this starting point that all other relationships we form are based, making this relationship that we have with ourselves the primary, most imperative relationship of our life.

Exploring our past, our present and our future allows us to heal from past experiences that have frozen us in space and time, and reassess who we are, what is important to us and what we can achieve.

The tools and techniques we choose and use…
Open a whole new realm of possibilities!
The freedom to be who we want to be.
The opportunities to do what we want to do.
The foundation to create the relationships with others that we choose.
Rather than those we may feel obliged or grateful to receive.