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Vivienne Rawnsley - The Life Editor

Break free from your past, reclaim your power and elevate your happiness

Vivienne Rawnsley - The Life Editor 

Tap into your limitless superpower and become unstoppable in your life

Vivienne Rawnsley - The Life Editor

Powerful life strategies to edit your life and build healthy happy relationships

Edit Your Life Story

Throughout our lives, we each have things happen to us. We hear things, see things, feel things that get stored in the subconscious part of our brain. Using these experiences, often occurring as trauma. We create stories about ourselves and tell ourselves:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m stupid”

“I’m ugly”

“I’m worthless”

“I’m a waste of space”

And it is through these stories that we begin to act out in the identity we design for ourselves. We tell ourselves stories that keep us small and stop us from striving for our dreams. But you don’t have to stay in the story you’re telling yourself. You can break free from this script.

Imagine how it would feel to rewrite the relationship that you have with yourself. To deeply know yourself, the real you.

Rewrite Your Story With The Life Editor

Let’s stop the trauma of your past and start writing your now and your future.

My focus as the Life Editor is to help you rewrite the parts of your story that no longer support what you desire to have in your life.
During our Life Edit sessions, we will look at the stories of your life that define who you are, what you’re achieving and where you are stuck.

Then, using a broad spectrum of therapeutic modalities, Breaking Free from the stories found in events in your past gives you the freedom to Reclaim your power, become the author of your story Beyond Breaking Free and create life on your terms.

Vivienne Rawnsley

A Story Shared by Vivienne Rawnsley

As someone who knows what it’s like to get lost in the stories that we create around past events, and the interpretation that we make of them, leaving us in a place of lack, feeling unworthy and not being enough. I also know how realising this makes a huge difference to how we feel inside. The past isn’t real. It’s gone and how we choose to recall it is up to us.

Becoming the single mum to five sons was the beginning of a journey into personal development, more specifically the development of Vivienne. Life had challenges, but I never gave up trying to make it better. I was always looking for a solution, a way to feel better, to feel truly happy and at peace. During this time I remembered incidences at home as the big sister when I felt that I hadn’t achieved what was expected of me. I remembered times at school when I had felt that I didn’t fit in and even when I tried hard to fit in by wearing the same clothes as others did and hanging out with the less ‘swotty’ group that need to be enough was lacking.

Even with a plethora of knowledge and certificates to prove I was good enough, I realised that no external source was going to fill the void I had deep within me. Like a light bulb suddenly lit up inside my head, I realised I needed to stop searching and actually just be still and connect with myself. I discovered that everything I needed was inside me, that I was enough already.
I’d made up who I was based on what I thought I had to be and what I thought others thought of me. I then realised if I had made it up, I was the author of the story and could rewrite it in a different way. In fact, I could create my life and the story of my life in any way I chose to.

How you experience living through your story in the world can impact your relationship with yourself and with others. I work with both individuals and couples, to edit the shared story and create the space for you to become the author of your future and the happiness you deserve.

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