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Hi, I’m Vivienne Rawnsley and I work with creative, dynamic, professional women who are disconnected, resigned and overwhelmed to reset, bringing them a new level of vibrancy, effectiveness and happiness back into their lives.

I help my clients to unlock their limitless superpower using hypnotherapy and coaching which enables them to find new freedom from within. If you are living with conditions that limit your ability to live the life you want, it’s time to make a change and invest in the one thing that will give you the life you deserve, you!

Your freedom from within is closer than you think, request a free consultation today and together we’ll build the foundation that will lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

Listen to the Vivienne Rawnsley interview on BBC Radio Leeds

As part of the launch of my best selling book, The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit, I had the pleasure of being interviewed Live on BBC Radio Leeds by Stephanie Hirst. Listen back to my interview below where I speak about the challenges and the journey that lead me to be the person I’ve become today.

Buy the book:
The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit

The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit is a guidebook for men and women who want to be free from their past, feel confident and resilient in their own skin, and live an empowered life knowing that if (or when) life throws them a curveball, they have their own unique self-help tools and techniques at their fingertips to help keep their wellbeing a top priority.

Inside you’ll find inspirational insights, self-help tools, expert techniques and Warrior wisdom from 16 collaborative authors. Each has a professional background in the personal development space, from coaches, physiologist, personal trainers to holistic and spiritual healers. They have come together in honour of World Mental Health Day to bring pro-active mental health support to Warriors around the world.

Full of powerful exercises, profound lessons and inspiring tales, this honest and courageous book will help you to evolve from being a worrier to a warrior, discover alternative healing therapies and welcome you to become part of the Warrior Wellbeing movement. Grab your copy now!

What my clients say

  • Highly recommended!

    Through hypnosis Vivienne has helped me so much with my confidence and self-acceptance. She has enabled me to live my life more freely using her skills and tailoring them to my needs. I would highly recommend!

  • Gorgeous amazing experience

    I had a hypnosis session with Viv via Skype. It was a divine experience. I felt super relaxed, comfortable and in safe hands. Viv’s voice is soothing and reassuring. I felt safe and in my hypnosis I went to my happy place and it was a gorgeous amazing experience. Doing it over Skype was actually really great because It really added the extra level of comfort in being in my own home, a place I feel the most safe, secure and relaxed. This was an added benefit and I will for sure be a return client. If I could rate Viv out of 5 she would get 10!

  • Outstanding

    Viv is patient, kind, non-judgmental, professional, easy to speak with, has mountains of great wisdom and can take you safely through areas of your life, you may not have visited before. I’ve seen many therapists over the years. She is outstanding in comparison.

  • I wish I’d worked with Viv years ago

    Working with Viv has made me a much calmer person and I can now look at situations in a different way rather than going gung ho and letting my mouth run away with me. I have found that being this way gets me much further in life, in my relationship with my daughter and at work and that’s a win-win situation for everyone. If I’m calmer and getting on with my daughter she can trust me that I won’t rant at her when she does what she will do anyway and this makes her children calmer too. It’s pretty amazing really I wish I’d worked with Viv years ago… better late than never.

  • No gimmicks - just peace and results

    Viv creates the perfect ambiance to reconnect to the core of who you are. No gimmicks – just peace and results. 
The connections that I’ve made, courage to make the choices I deserve, healing from past wounds and invaluable, priceless, quality time for me has been utterly life changing. Viv has a gift and I highly recommend her for a trustworthy confidante on your journey…thank you Viv.



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