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‘No, I don’t love you and haven’t for some time.’

These ten words completely changed my life. They spelt the end of my 17-year marriage and left me alone to raise my five young sons.

After the sense of security and direction that my marriage provided, I went into freefall. My life, as I knew it, was never going to be the same again. So, we separated, and I focused on trying to keep my life together and raise my children.

  • However, I really struggled with the emotional turmoil of divorce:
  • The lack of security now our joint accounts were finished
  • Feeling shame and embarrassment around mutual friends
  • Not knowing where to live or how to pay my sons’ school fees
  • My new identity and how to break free from the role of ‘wife’.

By wearing all the different identities: mum, wife, ex-wife, daughter, sister, aunt and employee, I had lost who I really was, where I belonged and what my future would entail.

I wanted to redefine my life, shake free of the labels, and become me.

In order to recover and move forward, I began to work with counsellors. However, the counselling approach of going over the past was keeping me stuck.

I wanted to move forward, and I wanted to help other women in the same position move forward too. Consequently, I began to train in the therapeutic practices that I knew would help me break free and find myself.

Drawing on my experience and expertise, I began to help other women to break free. This lead to the release of my best-selling book Breaking Free…Reclaiming Me and the accompanying journal workbook. Soon, I will be releasing the much-awaited follow-up Beyond Breaking Free.

How I can help you

I am highly-skilled and qualified in a range of holistic and therapeutic transformation. All of these empower my clients to redefine their lives after divorce because they helped me redefine my life after divorce.

I facilitate change with my clients using a bespoke blend of therapies, personalised to their personal situation.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Performance Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • DISC Profiling

Unlocking Your Inner Superpowers

During my Master NLP Practitioner qualification, I had to break an inch-thick plank of wood with just my hand. The literal breakthrough was the breakthrough I needed; it unleashed my inner superpowers.

Now, I use NLP principles to help my clients unlock their inner superpowers and redefine their life after divorce.
With my blended method of therapeutic and coaching practices, you can break free from the overwhelm, shame, anxiety and stress of divorce and find your inner empowerment. You can step into your new life with clarity, confidence and courage.

If you’re ready to move on and redefine your life after divorce, find out how I can help with my range of group and 1:1 coaching services.