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The Life Edit Academy

Practitioner in Clinical Hypnosis

Thank you for your interest in our Person Focussed Practitioner Level of Modern Clinical Hypnosis.

Are you looking for a new direction in your life?

Experienced Hypnotherapy in the past, seen how powerful it can be and now want to know more?

Interested in adding Hypnotherapy to what you currently offer to your clients?

Wondering how learning the skills of hypnotherapy will increase your impact with the clients you currently work with and increase the value that you provide?

As a senior leader and classroom practitioner in Education for over 35 years, I now bring my skills of training together with my passion of hypnotherapy as the principal of the Life Edit School of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

This qualification is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, delivered through 10 modules over 10 months and will qualify you as a practitioner of Modern Clinical Hypnosis with the knowledge and tools to start your own Hypnotherapy practice or add to the skills you currently have. With subsequent opportunities for ongoing CPD training and face to face or online 1:1 or group supervision, this programme offers you everything that you need to succeed in this world where increasing numbers of people are seeking support with mental health and life altering issues, and easily increase your income by 10k.

Each module will consist of 12 hours of face to face, live online teaching or a hybrid model of the two.

Included in your training programme are the theory of hypnosis together with a comprehensive set of tools, practical demonstrations, the opportunity for implementation and assessment, with time to practice what you have learned between each training session.

Included in the modules are:

• The history of Hypnosis
• The conscious and subconscious mind
• Sensory Systems
• Abreactions
• Secondary gains
• Formulating hypnotic suggestions
• Metaphors for Therapy
• Visualisation Techniques

• Self-Hypnosis
• Hypnotising a group of people
• Aversion Therapy
• Fears and Phobias
• Pain Management
• Past Life Regression
• Depression
• Hypnobirthing

• Weight Management
• Smoking cessation
• Inner Child
• Working with Children
• Bereavement
• Setting up a Professional Practice
• Panic Attacks
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The total investment for the training is £2,250 when paid in full

Alternatively, pay in monthly instalments of £250 x 10
For further details and an application form please contact Vivienne at: