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Offering both group and 1:1 coaching, I deliver a bespoke therapeutic coaching blend proven to deliver the results that can transform your life.

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Unlock, Upcycle and Upgrade

Empowering hour – £147

Choice to explore. Decisions to make. Dreams to achieve

Finding yourself filled with sorry thinking. Feeling overwhelmed by the options. The dread of ‘having to do it all on your own’. Unsure of getting it right or wrong. Stuck in a place of uncertainty.

It’s time for you to experience an Unlock, Upcycle, and Upgrade Empowering hour.

This intensive session is the ideal solution to access:

  • The clarity of what’s important to you
  • The confidence in which step to take
  • And feel relaxed and calm about how you are going to achieve it

Breaking Free…Reclaiming Me

Six Week Group Coaching Programme – £397

This three-part six-week programme is the ideal introductory course to redefining your life after divorce. If you feel stuck in a situation without a clear sense of direction for what’s next, or you keep finding yourself repeating patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, this is the course to help.

Over six weeks, we’ll explore the process of Breaking Free, Reclaiming Me, and Beyond Breaking Free.

This supportive coaching structure delves deep into the limiting beliefs that are leaving you stuck in the past. Through intuitive and sensitive coaching, we’ll work together to help you become unstuck from the past so you can move forward to a brighter future, remaining on track for the life you want to lead.

The 90-Day DIVORCE Reset

Group Coaching Programme -£797

This group coaching programme is the perfect way to reflect and reset after divorce. Whether divorce is recent for you, or you’re feeling stuck in old patterns of behaviour, this 90-Day DIVORCE Reset is a fantastic, practical way to begin mapping out your future and to redefine your life.

With 12 weeks of group coaching and with a free accompanying workbook, I’ll help you to become unstuck and on track to your new life. During the coaching sessions, we’ll cover;

Define – Using therapeutic strategies, we’ll work to understand your current life balance and where you would like to see improvements.

Identify – In this section, we’ll look deeply into your current position and the blocks that may be holding you back.

Visualise – Using powerful hypnosis and NLP strategies, we’ll conduct a powerful visualisation session to map out where you want to be.

Organise – We’ll then cover the practical measures of breaking free from divorce and stepping into your own spotlight.

Reboot The Subconscious – Using hypnosis and NLP, we’ll delve deeper into those deep-rooted limiting beliefs and reprogramme the brain for positivity and optimism.

Create New Beliefs – Now, we can begin to work on your values and how to bring them to the forefront with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Empowerment – The final chapter in the DIVORCE program, we’ll use custom Time Line Therapy for future mapping, helping you to step into this exciting new chapter where you live a fulfilled, happy and empowered life.

BONUS: You’ll receive a workbook and free hypnosis audio downloads to reprogramme your subconscious thoughts so you can live an aligned, empowered life.

Beyond Breaking Free

1:1 4-Month Coaching – £1997

This one-to-one personal coaching programme offers 10 coaching sessions across four months. During this time, you will receive tailored support as we navigate your own personal situation and learning how you can break free from the past.

Then, using a variety of therapeutic modalities, we’ll work together to determine your hidden identity and create the steps where you can reclaim the real you.

After this breakthrough, we’ll work towards Beyond Breaking Free, using Time Line Therapy, a powerful process to transform your internal programming. During this, you start to plan, visualise and live the life you want on your own terms.

Between sessions, you’ll receive reflective exercises, hypnosis downloads, visualisation practices and coaching recordings for complete support throughout the programme.

This coaching programme focuses on moving towards a truly empowered life and positive new beginnings with techniques and practices to build confidence, self-assurance, and alignment.

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