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Are there times in your life when you feel helpless, stuck and out of control?

Do you find yourself waking at night, wishing you’d said and done things differently?

So many choices to make and not trusting yourself to make the right one… Allow me to introduce:

‘The Relationships in Your Life’

A self study toolkit to help you feel capable, liberated, focused, and empowered with the confidence and commitment to choose your route that leads to inner happiness and joy.


Exploring the key areas that cause challenges for those clients I work with on a 1:1 basis led me to create The Relationships in Your Life.

I will provide you with a personal tool kit to use as often as you choose, filling that need that many of us have to work through things, at least initially, by ourselves.

This self-study programme consists of practical guides and accompanying therapeutic recordings which will lead you towards creating different more desirable outcomes. Creating change at the most powerful subconscious level and has been designed and constructed to support you in transforming all the Relationships in Your Life.

On this programme we work on:
Healing your Inner Child
Growing your connection with others
Overcoming feelings of Worry and Anxiety
Your Attitude towards Food

Healing your Inner Child

Do you ever get that stuck feeling, as if there’s a roadblock or diversion sign in your day?

Then the alternative route takes you all around the houses, on the scenic route, getting you nowhere fast?

Do you find yourself getting triggered by things in life -conversations, situations…and it stops you, irritates you or sends you into a downward spiral?

Feeling disconnected, out of step and unsure who you are anymore, what’s important to you and what you want from life?

It’s feelings like these that can benefit from reconnecting and nurturing that childlike part inside each of us, making huge changes.

Using the tools in this guide combined with the healing therapeutic recording will build a bridge between your inner self and the present you, transforming all areas of your life.


What people say:

“I have had a course of amazing support from Vivienne. She used a tailored assortment of skills and techniques which helped me feel really positive with a much deeper understanding of my own life story and with much more control. I feel calmer than I have done in years and sleep is no longer elusive or disturbing. Just do it is my advice. Thank you, Vivienne.”

Growing your connection with others

So often in life when we hear the word ‘Relationship’ we begin to consider, whether or not we have a significant other, do we have children, friends and then we begin to consider the connection we have with these others in our lives, the roles we play, the expectations placed on us.

How would it be, if instead, we looked inwards to the relationship we have with ourselves, then how, like the image in a mirror, this radiates out to those relationships we have in the world around us?

Using the information and tools in this guide will not only increase your quality of connection with others but most importantly your understanding, value and recognition of your inner self. Combined with the therapeutic recording you will recognise a huge shift in the way you relate to yourself, connect with others, and live your life with more clarity, confidence and connection.


What people say:

“Vivienne was very professional and excellent at her job. My wife and I went to her. She helped us to rebuild our marriage after a rough time and now we are very happy together. Thank you for your help Vivienne.”

Overcoming feelings of worry and anxiety.

Do your inner thoughts, worries and ruminations get in the way of how you live each day?

Are you constantly stuck on the hamster wheel of worry, doubt, and anxiety?

How would you choose to live each day if you were free from all those feelings that overwhelm and limit the possibilities available to you?

Exploring the tools in this guide, together with regular use of the therapeutic recording will create concrete steps for you to use to overcome feelings of worry, doubt and anxiety, to establish greater peace, balance, and calm in your life.

What people say:

“Vivienne is very skilled in understanding the root issues of one’s life; being able to connect seemingly different circumstances seeing the bigger picture and then coming up with ways to deal with it. The relaxation and de-stressing techniques, along with practical advice and follow up have been very helpful. It has also been invaluable to be able to “offload “onto someone who will keep confidentiality and not judge.
 Vivienne is always cheerful and encouraging, even through the toughest times.”

Your attitude to food

Do you ever wonder who’s in charge – you or food?

Does the power balance seem out of your control with the number on the scales and the fitting of your clothes providing further evidence?

Is your shape and size the result of some hidden belief, story from the past or secret?

As babies, we know exactly how much we need to fill our tummies. When we are full, we push the boob or bottle away. Yet as life goes on, we get older and our relationship with food can become distorted.

It can become a source of comfort. A place to find pleasure. Somewhere to hide.

Our shape and size reflecting security, denial, mistrust, lack of value, love, and respect.

Using this guide and accompanying therapeutic recording, you will discover where you’re eating patterns originated. How you can regain control over food. Making food work for you provides energy and vitality rather than creating lethargy, loathing, and discomfort working against you.

I’ve been having therapy for weight loss and PTSD over the last 3 months. My life has changed so much. What a great help Vivienne was, she really made a difference and I’m in a far better place now. Plus I’ve lost a lot of weight.


What people say:

“I have always yo-yoed with my weight, all the diets and tricks I’ve tried but what I now realise is they only worked as a short-term fix as I didn’t change my mindset or relationship with food. I was ready to have Gastric band surgery, the surgeon was lined up…I was scared to go ahead but desperate to change my shape and size forever. After the initial weight loss hypnosis, I felt instantly different, I no longer felt hungry, and at the first meal, I didn’t feel the need to stuff my face! I couldn’t believe how instant it was. This continued for 3 months, and then I lost 2 stone and had a strong desire to start exercising. I started to fall in love with the gym and the way it would make me feel. I now only eat when I’m hungry and only in small amounts. I exercise on a daily basis; I have dropped 3 dress sizes and I’m still changing my shape week on week. I am so thankful that I have finally found something that is sustainable and life changing, I am proud for investing in myself and ensuring my health is a priority.”

Working through each area of your life you will:

Look at the roots of what’s going on for you right now.
Explore and determine what’s important to you and why.
Create a plan to change the relationships in your life and empower you to achieve what it is you really want.
Reclaim your superpowers and start living life on your terms, with the skills and confidence to stay on track.

The Programme:

For the investment of £99

This self-study programme is made up of 4 individual mini programmes that can be used on their own or together to create impact in each relationship area in your life.

Your download will provide you with lifetime access to guidebooks for each area and accompanying recordings to support your transformation at both a conscious and subconscious level.

These can be used as often as you choose to and for as long as you like.

Listening to the recordings over a period of time, at least 28 days, will increase the depth of change that takes place in you. This listening can take place at anytime of the day when you are able to find time for yourself away from distractions, even when you are lying in bed before you go to sleep each night or before you get out of bed each morning.

Vivienne Rawnsley

About Your Teacher

I am the Life Editor ®, a highly qualified and skilled practitioner who knows what it’s like to feel life is happening to you, rather than taking control and making choices that support you in creating and sustaining the most important relationships in your life – starting with the one you have with yourself.

Using the Life Editing ® process – including a blend of Time Line Resources, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Regulation), and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)… working together you will break free from the stories that you’ve been living inside of to reclaim your innate unique identity.

With this newfound freedom and power, you can explore what is beyond breaking free to establish inner happiness in yourself, your life and your relationships.

What others say…