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Activate your Awesome With The Life Editor®

Activate your Awesome With The Life Editor®

Are there times in your life when you feel helpless, stuck and in limbo?

Do you find yourself waking at night, wishing you’d said and done things differently?

So many choices to make and not trusting yourself to make the right one…

Instead of feeling capable, liberated, focused, and empowered with the confidence and commitment to choose your route that leads to inner happiness and joy?

Know that you were meant for more, but not sure what that ‘more’ is or how to get it?

Finding disconnect in your relationships… especially the one with yourself, a significant other, your family and your life?

Looking to get…

Clarity around what’s most important to you
Connection with the inner you, those you care about and how you spend each day
Confidence that you know what you want and have everything you need to succeed in achieving it

As The Life Editor ® Awesome must be ranked as one of the top used words in my dictionary.


Because it resonates with me at a deep level in relating to that part of what we do each day in the best way we can and feeling really great about it.


In this Master Class:

You will discover the 3 pillars of the Life Editing ® process, Explore, Edit, Evolve, and how you can use it to Activate Your Awesome.
Learn tips, tools and techniques to begin activating your awesome.
Develop skills to experience your Awesomeness here in the present and in the future.
Hear what others have accomplished by Activating their Awesome.
Experience a transformative session to Activate your Awesome.

When: Wednesday 22nd February @ 12pm – 5pm

Where: over Zoom

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